Wild Wings Mini-Storage Facility 
8781 W. State Rt. 2
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Wild Wings Mini-Storage is located at 6395 North Russell Road, Oak Harbor, OH, which is the corner of State Route 2 and Russell Road, across from the Marathon Gas Station.

This mini-storage facility is the best in the area; complete with a full-perimeter chain-link security fence, an individual code-accessed 24-hour security gate, and halogen security lighting.

Storage Rate Schedule

  1. Use of Space Unless you are in Default, you shall have the right during the term to exclusive use of an individual storage space as identified by the UNIT # above, the approximate dimensions of which are listed above, together with the right of access to the unit. The Unit is clean and undamaged unless noted on a signed addendum to the lease.
  2. Rental Policy. The rental for the unit is listed above. This amount includes the appropriate tax. You shall pay to us upon the signing of this Lease either one month’s rent plus security deposit, or one year’s rent plus security Unless we notify you of a rent adjustment at least 30 days prior to the end of the term the stated rate will continue for any Hold Over Term. If we do so, then the new Rent stated shall be paid to us unless you remove your Stored Property. All Rent is due and payable at Wild Wings, Inc. located at 8781 West State Route 2, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449 on or before the first day of the month.



No Statements are sent. Rent is delinquent after the first of the month. Rent not received by the 7th day of the month will cause unit to be overlocked and gate access denied by Landlord, and Tenant will incur late fees of $20 per month after the 15th day of a month. The late fees will accumulate by $20 for each successive late month. The term shall commence with the date shown above and terminate December 31 of said year.

A forty ($40) dollar “bad check” administrative charge will be incurred on all returned checks. Unit will be over-locked and gate access will be denied until all rent, fees, and checks are made good and all charges paid. Landlord reserves the right to refuse any payment. All payments and correspondence must contain the unit number to ensure correct handling.

  1. Security Deposit. We require a $25.00 Security Deposit. The Security Deposit is refunded only when the Tenant is current on all obligations, has notified Wild Wings Mini Storage of desire to end the Lease, has provided an address where Landlord may mail the deposit, has broom cleaned and emptied all the contents, and the unit is not NO refunds will be made if the Unit is abandoned. Allow thirty (30) days for delivery of refunds.
  2. Payments Payments of monthly or annual rent and other charges permitted by this agreement shall be made on time. Checks should be made payable to: Wild Wings, Inc. and sent to 8781 West State Rt. 2, Oak Harbor, OH 43449. You may also bring payment to the office (at address above) during normal business hours, A drop box is available after hours.
  3. Use of Unit  You shall use the Unit in a lawful manner solely for the storage of personal property to which you have a claim (“Stored Property”). Wild Wings Mini-Storage RULES ARE:
    1. Tenant shall not use the unit for: 1) Living animals or carcasses. 2) Gasoline, explosives, paint, flammable chemicals or other corrosive or hazardous material. 3) Any use that violates zoning, fire or other government 4) Sanding or spray-painting. 5) Any use which constitutes full time shop facilities, office or principal place of business. 6) Any continuously connected electrical appliances or extension cord. 7) Practice facilities for rock bands or another musical group or individual. 8) Installation of any device. 9) Lodging or sleeping facilities. 10) Garage sales, flea market, or sale of any kind directly from the unit. 11) Exterior display of signs of any type for any purpose. 12) Parties, gatherings, or a meeting place. 13) Any use which involves alteration or structural change, defacement of premises, their walls, floor, or overhead space. 14) Any use of roof bar joists or structural members of supports for the purpose of lifting any heavy object. 15) The storage of any liquids in inadequate containers. 16) An address to be advertised for any purpose. 17) automobile or boat repair for hire.18) The storage of wet items that could mildew. 19) The improper storage of food stuffs in inadequate container that could cause a nuisance. 20)The storage of inadequately packaged, wrapped or protected articles of value that could be damaged by absorption of moisture from the air or concrete floors.
      B.Automobile, boat and recreational vehicle storage requires the disconnection of all batteries and the placement of concrete floor protection such as cardboard, drip pans, etc. under those areas of the vehicle which may drip oil or grease. NO AUTOMOBILE, BOAT, TRAILER, OR RECREATIONAL VEHICLE STORAGE IS PERMITTED IN THE DRIVEWAY.
      C. All items left in the unit or driveway after vacating will be deemed of no value to the Tenant and will be discarded by the Landlord. Tenant should be aware that the security Deposit refund is subject to the cleanliness of these areas and if Tenant leaves anything; he/she forfeits his/her
      D. Self -Service Storage is Self-Service. Please do not ask the management to assist in loading or

6.       Wild Wings Mini-Storage Ground Rules.

A. 1) All Tenants and Tenant guests or agents must be prepared to provide proof of their identification and business at the premises upon request. Security on the premises is your responsibility. 2) The Landlord is not responsible for acts of persons entering the premises. 3) Your cooperation in reporting any suspicious activity is appreciated.

B. General Grounds. All Tenants and Tenant guests or agents must: 1) Be prepared to identify themselves if asked to do so. 2) Observe a five mile per hour max speed limit. 3) Do not block driveways. 4) Do not park unattended vehicles in fire lanes. 5) Do not work in driveways. 6) Do not discharge liquids of any kind in unit or 7) Do not litter driveway or dumpster areas but carefully place debris in convenient dumpsters provided. 8) Do not use dumpsters for off-site or other job related refuse. 9) Do not climb on gate or fence.

  1. Rules and Regulation Changes. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Risk of Loss. Landlord is not liable to Tenant for any loss or damage to the stored property because of theft, fire, wind, rain, rodent damage, or other casualty. When Tenant signs this Lease Tenant acknowledges that Landlord recommends that goods be insured during storage. Tenant also acknowledges that Landlord is not warehouseman and no bailment exists with respect to the stored property and you agree to hold us harmless from any claim for loss or damage to the stored property.
  3. Surrender of Unit. Tenant must tell Landlord when you have removed the last of your Stored Property from the Once you have swept out the unit, and satisfied all obligations, you shall have done everything required of you by this Lease. If the Unit is not clean or has been damaged; Landlord will clean, and repair and use Security Deposit and bill Tenant for such charges. Landlord will refund any prepaid Rent for any months other than the month in which you leave: Landlord will NOT prorate the last month’s Rent regardless of when you remove the last of your Stored Property.
  4. Holding-Over. If you have not removed your Stored Property by the last day of the calendar month, then you will be considered to have expressed intent to hold-over. When you hold-over, the term is automatically extended for the next full calendar month.
  5. If you do not pay us when due all Rent and/or other charges required of you or you breach any condition or covenant of this Lease, then upon the occurrence of such event and until cured, you shall be deemed to be in Default and we may exercise the remedies reserved to us in this Lease and/or those provided by Law.
  6. Our Remedies. Upon the occurrence of an event of Default and your failure to remedy the Default within five calendar We shall have the right to deny you access to your Unit and the Stored Property by placing a second lock on the Unit. If you do not remedy the default within a reasonable time, then upon notice to you as provided by law we may enter the Unit and enforce the lien given to us by Section5322.02 of the Ohio Revised Code and may recover from you as damages all unpaid rent and charges permitted by this Lease as well as all costs of foreclosing our lien, including reasonable attorney fees. OUR REMEDY IS NOT LIMITED TO A SALE OF YOUR STORED PROPERTY. WE CAN OBTAIN A JUDGEMENT IN THE OTTAWA COUNTY MUNICIPAL COURT FOR ALL AMOUNTS YOU OWE US AND WE MAY SATISFY BY JUDGEMENT; WAGE GARNISHMENT; ATTACHMENT; OR ANY OTHER MEANS ALLOWED BY LAW. A copy of the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code detailing our remedies may be obtained from the Wild Wings Mini-Storage Office.


13.    Your Affirmative Covenants.


A. To give Landlord written notice of any changes of address or phone.
B. To be responsible for the acts and omissions of your family, your agents or employees.
C. To indemnify and hold Landlord harmless for any injuries to persons or damage or loss to property not caused by Landlord or our agents and employees, or by acts or omissions of persons other than employees and agents of Owner.
D.To abide by all reasonable rules and regulations for the use of the Unit that Landlord will establish from time to time.
E. To permit Landlord access to the Unit in the event of an emergency.

14.    Your Negative Covenants.


A. To assign or sublet the Unit.
B. To store any explosives; contraband; flammable, or unusually combustible material; or hazardous materials in Unit.
C. To use the electrical connection for any purpose other than to illuminate the Unit with the bulb furnished by Landlord.
D..To affix anything to the interior walls of the Unit.
E.To use the roll-up door in a negligent manner.

  1. Notice shall be effective as to Landlord when mailed to the address for paying Rent and as to Tenant when mailed to the last address which Tenant furnished.
  2. Entire Agreement  This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Tenant and Landlord for the Rent of the Unit, and it shall be covered by and constructed under Ohio Law.


Click here for a printable version of 2023 Mini-Storage Rental Agreement

Rent is due and payable to Wild Wings, Inc. at 8781 W. State Rt. 2, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449.
Our offices are located nearby on the corner of Route 2 and Harris Harbor Drive. 

A refundable $25 deposit is due at lease signing. As a reminder, no statements for the storage units are sent. Rent is delinquent after the first of the month. Rent not received by the 7th day of the month will cause unit to be overlocked and gate access denied by Landlord, and Tenant will incur late fees of $20 per month after the 15th day of a month. The late fees will accumulate by $20 for each consecutive month late.